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The recruiting and job hunting landscape has been through major changes in recent years, much of it driven by technology. Unfortunately, there’s a serious shortage of information on how employers and candidates should adapt. For example, 99% of the resumes I see still look like the person who wrote it assumes it’ll be printed. While that might be the case at some point, everyone’s credentials will at least initially be viewed on a computer screen. This opens up a range of possibilities, and knowing how to leverage them will help you stand out from the crowd.

My goal is to share the freshest, most forward-thinking, strategies and tactics employers and candidates can leverage to address the dynamics of today’s recruiting landscape….things that are often overlooked and fail to incorporate the impact of technology.  Whether you’re an employer in the market for high-impact talent or a potential candidate getting ready for a job change, I’m confident you’ll find something here that’ll give you an edge, and I hope you’ll share some of it with your friends and colleagues.

What hasn’t changed is my ongoing commitment to bringing hard-to-find, game changing talent to top-flight companies and talking with our industry’s best talent about opportunities that have the potential to transform their careers.

Whether you’re an employer or prospective candidate, I’d love to hear from you!

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