How to Make your Resume “Sing”

Here are a few brief tips that will help you to make your resume “sing”:


  • MS Word documents are best, if possible because they work better with our database.
  • If possible, please avoid the use of headers and footers.



  • For readability, we recommend using a font size of at least 10 points.
  • White space also helps, so don’t worry about cramming all of your information into a predetermined number of pages.
  • Use reasonable margins, both on the sides and top/bottom.
  • Be concise and cut out the fluff, but use enough pages to tell your story.
  • Don’t worry if it takes more pages to convincingly present your credentials than some arbitrary standard that you heard or read.
  • A resume needs to be more than a description of what you did in prior jobs. It’s critical to include as many accomplishments as you can.
  • Your resume needs to present a compelling picture of  the value you can bring to a new employern and why hiring you will be a great investment.
  • Whenever possible, present your accomplishments in quantifiable terms, especially if you are in sales.

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