Strategies for Finding Top Talent

Adler Associates conducted a study in collaboration with LinkedIn in late 2010 that found the following:

….. 22 percent of the fully-employed workforce was absolutely not looking. Another 44 percent were open to considering something if contacted by a recruiter. Sixteen percent were discreetly looking, networking only with former associates. Only eight percent were actively looking, with the remaining 10 percent casually looking using search engines and job aggregators a few times a week, at most.

Surprisingly, most companies, even those using social media and Web 2.0 techniques, are only reaching the 16 percent who are considered active. This leaves 82 percent relatively untouched. This will have to change if companies want to maintain their competitive edge in a growing economy.
In my view, the implications of this include the following:

  • You may be thinking that the 22% who say they are not looking shouldn’t be considered as prospects, but many of them will move for the right opportunity.
  • Ignoring that 82% means that you may also be missing out on a segment of the candidate pool that contains the highest percentage of top performers.
  • If you wait until people become more active job seekers, you’ll face much greater competition for that talent. Being more proactive means that you can improve the overall quality of your candidate pool.

If you agree that high impact talent is a critical element for your company’s success, I believe that you need to have a strategy for engaging the more “passive” segment of the candidate pool, especially for high-value positions.

The full study can be found here:

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