Big Data Meets Recruiting: Are you Ready?

If you still believe that your resume is the most important job search tool you can have, think again.

It’s way past time to change that pardigm. Resumes are so 20th century. The pervasiveness of social networks like LinkedIn and the ability of recruiters to mine the web is changing the game. Resumes were important when recruiters relied on building their candidate databases, but in today’s world, your work and work products are mostly digital. That means it’s critical to construct a compelling online presence that showcases your professional brand.

You’ll still need something like a resume, but it should be integrated with your online brand. Remember that whatever you cobble together will be viewed on a computer screen, smartphone or tablet, so plan accordingly. Most of all, get creative with technology and make it interactive!

Read this article for more details: I think you’ll find that it ties in nicely with my last posting on Professional Portfolios: Check it out and let me know what you think!