Is LinkedIn Killing Off Independent Recruiters?

Don’t Count Us Out!

If you talk about independent recruiters at a cocktail party, the standard question is often, “Didn’t LinkedIn kill them off?”

Reports of our death are greatly exaggerated. First, we were going to be killed by job boards, then by LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Each of those tools is fantastic at helping us source candidates, but we’re still thriving.

Sure, corporate recruiters are better than ever and play a valuable role, but employers will always need independent recruiters to be part of their recruiting strategy. Why?

  • Recruiters who specialize become experts in their niche, building a huge database of specialized sources to start the hunt, scouring hundreds of leads, and suffering dozens of dead-ends before finding the right candidate.
  • We focus on 1 or 2 searches at a time and can dig more deeply into the talent pool to make sure you get to interview the best candidates available, not just those who happen to see your posting.
  • Most high-potential candidates aren’t scouring the internet looking for their next job. You must approach them directly with a compelling message that gets their attention and makes them want to know more. Independent recruiters have the strong sales skills it takes to do this effectively.
  • Many candidates are reluctant to talk openly with a corporate recruiter who works for a competitor. They value the confidentiality provided by an independent recruiter.

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