Frustrated with Contingency Recruiters?

Great article with solid insights on why contingency recruiting can be so frustrating and ineffective for employers. Contingent Conundrum: Building Relationships or Slinging Spaghetti?.

Like the author of this article, when I follow a retained search model even when working on contingency. I agree that it can be a good model, but many companies doesn’t understand or appreciate the enhanced value they are getting.

Frankly, I don’t understand why anyone would want to work with the kind of contingency recruiter described in this article. Consider this:

“Contingent firms and staffing agencies are hiring more and more people with little to no experience to pound the phones. I wouldn’t want to speak to any of these “recruiters” either if I were in these candidate’s shoes. Plus, most contingent firms have a turnover rate in excess of 50%. Is this the model our industry wants to hold up to our clients as success? If firms can’t keep employees how do they expect the firm to do an effective job finding them the right candidates?”

When you need to engage an outside recruiter, why not retain a highly trained search consultant who’s an expert in your industry…..a true recruiting professional who will bring value beyond slinging resumes your way?

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