Why Job Postings Shouldn’t Be Your Only Recruiting Tactic

Reason #1: Relying on Job Postings is a Passive Strategy
Postings create a reactive recruiting environment because candidates have to seek you out. This puts you at a distinct disadvantage compared to competitors who proactively seek out top performers and actively court them. The result? The best people gravitation toward your competitors and you are more likely to miss out on people who can make the most significant impact on your bottom line.

Today’s market for top talent is becoming more competitive than ever. They’re highly sought after and aggressively pursued by competitors with proactive recruiting strategies. Top companies don’t sit and wait for these candidates to come to them.

Reason #2: Job Postings Attract Unqualified Candidates
Replying to job posting requires little time and effort. Anyone who thinks your opening looks interesting can cut and paste their resume into an email. A few seconds later, there it is in your inbox. You wind up being inundated with candidates who think your job looks interesting, regardless of whether they’re even close to what you need.

Attracting and hiring the best talent is just too important to rely on a “spray and pray” strategy.

Reason #3: Job Postings Miss Lots of Qualified Talent

According to studies from LinkedIn and others, only 20-30% of the workforce is actively in looking for a new job.

What about the other 70-80% of the talent pool? First, they’re unlikely to notice your postings because they aren’t actively surfing the web for new jobs. Even if they do, there’s a slim chance they’ll take action, unless the information you provide is compelling and motivates them to take take the next step, something that most postings don’t so very well.

Furthermore, just because a high-impact candidate isn’t ready to make a change right now doesn’t mean they won’t be in the near future. Unless you proactively pursue them on a ongoing basis, you’ll never know about them when openings arise down the road.


My message is this: job postings should only be part of your overall recruiting strategy. Attracting the “best of the best” requires that you regularly talk with top performers, even when you aren’t actively recruiting. That way, you’ll better understand what might motivate them to make a change and have a better chance at bringing them on board when the time is right.

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