Wanted: Do-Gooder Tech Sales Exec FILLED

Sell Software that Gives Back

There are lots of ways to sell technology and make a great living, but what if you could do so while also making a meaningful impact on the world around you?

You’ll find one such opportunity with a technology company in the Southeast whose cloud-based, enterprise software is used by socially conscious F500’s to administer and promote philanthropic activities across the enterprise. They’re one of the top 3 companies in their space, sales are doubling every year and they’re led by a CEO who cares as much about doing business the right way as closing sales.

The Company

Founded in 2009, they have over 75 clients with more coming on-board every week. Last year, using this platform, those companies generated more than 35MM in donations for over 9,000 charities. Their customers include companies like Toyota, Schwab, Home Depot and Verizon.

As a Certified B Corporation (bcorporation.net), they have the same responsibility as nonprofits, foundations, and other philanthropic groups to improve their community through social and environmental stewardship. Working with their clients and partners, their technology makes a difference by enabling users to conduct more effective, targeted philanthropy that produces impressive outcomes.

What Will I Do?

  • Open doors and close new business with decision-makers at F500 companies
  • Quarterback a complex sales process all the way through contract signing
  • Provide insight that enables companies to optimize use of the technology to maximize the impact of philanthropic activities across the enterprise.

What Skills and Experience Do I Need?

  • A proven ability to open doors and engage senior-level decision-makers at F500 companies in substantive business conversations
  • An established track record of success selling SaaS enterprise software
  • The ability to quarterback the entire sales process from prospecting through contract signing
  • You’ve been a top performer everywhere you’ve worked and believe you have the potential to do even better.

Why Apply?

  • You want to do more than just sell technology.
  • You think it would be really cool to work for a mission-driven, high growth company with driven people who care as much about doing business the right way as closing sales.
  • You love to sell, and would love it even more if you were selling something you knew was making a difference in the world around you.
  • You enjoy working in energetic, fast-paced environments with colleagues who are all pulling in the same direction.
  • Have an interest in sales management? They’d love to hire someone who can move into a sales management role in about 12 months.

Earning Potential

You don’t have to give up income to do something like this. Their compensation plan is competitive with other tech companies we work with, and includes equity, which means you’ll have a stake in the company’s future.

Want to Know More?

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FILLED: Enterprise Sales – Leading Marketing Tech Co.


Enterprise Sales Opportunity-Marketing Technology
Gartner and Forrester Leader
Location: flexible (remote office)

I’d like to tell you about one of those right place/right time opportunities that doesn’t come up very often. It’s an enterprise sales opportunity with an established, profitable and financially solid company that has emerged as a leader in multi-channel data management and campaign management. Their ground-breaking technology has been lauded by Gartner and Forrester as superior to much larger competitors like IBM, Adobe, Teradata and SAP, particularly for the way it enhances the ability of large companies to:

  • More efficiently aggregate and synchronize the growing, increasingly complex array of customer information companies are collecting from multiple sources and data structures in ways that leverage the most advanced technologies available today
  • Conduct intelligent customer interactions in ways never before been possible, and does so from a single, seamlessly integrated platform.

Forward thinking companies like AmEx, Microsoft, CapitalOne and others are making substantial investments in their platform, replacing legacy competitors whose software was developed years ago using technology that wasn’t designed to handle the growing scale and complexity of customer data that exists today. Considering all of this, it’s no surprise that their sales are doubling every year.

Depending on your background, you’ll be responsible for developing new business within an industry vertical (Fin’l Services, Retail, CPG, Travel/Hospitality, etc.) or a geographic area.

We’re looking for experienced sales professionals who can demonstrate the following:

  • Track record of success selling complex marketing technology to senior-level marketing decision-makers
  • Ability to engage in discussions with them about the marketing technology challenges that keep them up at night, especially those related to the explosion of customer information
  • Ability to frame and present conceptual marketing technology solutions in a way that makes sense people who aren’t technology savvy
  • Truly consultative sales methodology that you’ve used to help decision-makers look at their marketing technology challenges in new ways
  • Deep understanding of the strategies and processes involved with data-driven marketing and how big data impacts a company’s ability to execute those campaigns.

You may also want to consider the following: 

  • Compelling value proposition: They offer a single, seamlessly integrated platform, built from scratch using the most current technology available today (e.g., Hadoop), which significantly enhances the ability of companies to aggregate and synchronize the growing, increasingly complex array of customer information available to them from multiple sources and data structures, as well as conduct intelligent customer interactions in ways never before been possible. Similar platforms offered by competitors were built on older technologies that weren’t designed for the massive and growing volume of customer information available in the marketplace.
  • Strong financial foundation: This 9 year-old company has been consistently profitable and is primarily founder-funded by someone who has successfully led 2 other marketing tech companies through similar stages of growth, and sold them for a total of just under $1 billion.
  • Sales-driven culture where they’ll be thrilled if you earn a 7-figure income year after year instead of looking for ways to limit your earning potential.
  • Above average compensation package: Not only will you get stock options, but commissions on multi-year contracts are paid up-front based on TCV. In fact, their top salespeople earned close to 7-figure incomes in each of the last 2 years.

Even if you haven’t been actively looking at other opportunities, this one might just change your mind. To arrange an exploratory and confidential conversation, please call, text or email me:

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